Zombie Apocalypse

I Have been knitting for a while now. But the joy of knitting is made even more so, now that I have picked up spinning. 

People ask me why I am learning an “old” craft Are you preparing for the Zombie apocalypse?” Well “not intentionally” but hay why not?



I have not only learned it but I want to teach everyone how to spin and why?  I have found there is something so therapeutic about creating with your hands. You can watch tv, be on zoom, wait in office waiting rooms, even the DMV and create. Get off the cell phone and relax in your own thoughts. Or one better put in ear buds and listen to your favorite music or an audio book. 15 min of spinning and all the anxiety of the day is gone,  none of the calories that wine or chocolate have! Double bonus!

I aim to put instructional videos up.  Believe me, If I can do it you can. 

oh and our new skills will come in handy if/when there is a zombie apocalypse too 🤷🏻‍♀️

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