White Soap, Not What You Think

White Soap, Not What You Think

Let me be the first to tell you I am not a chemist, I am not a doctor, this is all from reading anything and everything I can get my hands on about soap. 

You see I am adding to the store, home made soap, but I want it to be gentle yet foaming, cleansing while moisturizing.  Easy right? Not so easy.  You would think I could just go to the store a grab a bar.  But did you know  store-bought soaps often have harmful toxins and chemicals such as sodium lauryl sulfate (used in laundry detergent), sodium laureth sulfate (a harsh foaming agent), and sometimes even triclosan (masked as an antibacterial but technically classified as a pesticide). Eeeeek!!!!??? I didn't know this.

My skin is getting more sensitive as I age or perhaps it always has been like this I just didn't notice until now, Raspberry skin, that red bumpy rash on parts of the body, large pores, or even lizard skin.  All from dehydrated and not properly nourished skin.  So we just buy some lotion and call it "good" right?  Hold on, what you could be applying to your dry cracked skin could be just as harmful and if it is indeed cracked you could be applying these potentially endrocrin reducer or even Parabens (butylparaben, isobutylparaben, methylparaben, propylparaben, or ethylparaben) are linked to hormone disrupters and breast cancer  *see post in Prevention Harmful Ingredients in body lotion 

Wow, ok that just sends me down a rabbit hole in all directions.  So let's pull this back to the topic at hand, Home Made Soap and how difficult it is, but I believe that is the point of my life anything good, isn't always easy.  But in my quest, I started my first recipe (of course I had to do the advanced one first) using Goat Milk, I believe I may have found exactly what I was looking for.  I did add fragrance and next go around I will not.  But when I made it, it turned a yellow color, saddened by this I tried adding a coloring to it, hoping to make it look bright but alas no, it looks more like a pumpkin bread slice than a soap.  

So I poured myself into everything I could to find out how to make the soap that creamy white color I always see in advertisements.  And guess what?  There is an additive called titanium dioxide that turns your soap white.  Happy day right? Nope, I wanted to make sure titanium dioxide was safe, just in case I did want to try a bite of that soap, I found out that titanium dioxide is now BANNED in Europe as of August 7th 2022, BANNED!!! Did you see that?  While here in the US it is still accepted by the FDA at 1% or less, how is a person to know what % of the soap you use is less than 1%? 

The long and painful end to this blog post is this.  I will not be making While Goat Milk soap, there will NOT be Titanium Dioxide in it, so if the soap you see is Yellow, or Brown or even Cream colored, that natural and it's a good thing, for you for your skin and for your family.  Keep educating yourself, keep reading because only you are your own true advocate.

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